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Chris Roy: Tech solutions for animal foster care programs

Guest: Chris Roy is a technology guy by day, and the founder of Doobert at night and on weekends. Doobert helps you help animals and is the only software that organizes transport, and the only foster management platform allowing you to send and receive texts with fosters. Chris is supported by his amazing wife Daphne and their four cats and one dog.


Main question: What technology solutions are there for organizations that find themselves with greatly expanded foster care programs?


  • A new app called FosterSpace by Doobert is a texting-based solution for communicating with foster caregivers individually and en masse, such as for sending scheduled or one-off messages to just dog fosters or just neonatal kitten fosters

  • Email is not a good enough system for communicating with fosters because not all of them sit in front of a computer but almost all have smartphones, plus FosterSpace syncs with existing shelter management software.

Chris Roy with Bear.jpeg
  • FosterSpace allows fosters to post pictures, videos and updates on animals in their care (with organization oversight) and helps promote them on social media, saving time and effort on the organization side, tracking down updates.

  • RescueTube is another Doobert app that makes it easier to transfer videos shot by volunteers and staff from their phones to the organization for use on social media and for donor solicitations. It also helps animal control officers send videos from their investigations more simply.



Recorded October 22, 2020

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