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Shelter Success Simplified newsletters

  • Newsletter 007: How to speed up many decisions during meetings, capture actions during or right after meetings, decreasing disagreements — sent 2021-02-17 (PDF)

  • Newsletter 006: How to tell if a goal is clear, connecting all work to your mission, the benefits of imagining failure — sent 2021-01-14 (PDF)

  • Newsletter 005: Announcing your goals can help you reach them, urgency vs. desperation in messaging, how to move past simply putting out fires — sent 2020-11-04 (PDF)

  • Newsletter 004: The difference between leading and managing, creating a stop-doing list, how knowing which animals are most at risk helps get grants, asking donors why they support your organization, and the importance of celebrating every adoption — sent 2020-10-19 (PDF)

  • Newsletter 003: Telling stories about human-animal bond, engaging entire community, daily guideposts, looking at organization with fresh eyes, going behind your metrics — sent 2020-09-28 (PDF)

  • Newsletter 002: Making connections, disaster prep, bottlenecks, missions, delegation — sent 2020-08-25 (PDF)

  • Newsletter 001: On Fundraising — sent 2020-07-14 (PDF)

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