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Humane Network Services

How We Can Help Your Animal Welfare Organization

Humane Network provides a variety of services to support your organization through consultation, training, or hands-on implementation. Below are details on the services we offer. We're happy to plan a free 30-minute conversation to understand your organization's unique circumstances.

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Personalized consulting services assist your organization and help create sustainable success. Our team’s areas of expertise include:​​

  • Shelter operations and management, clinic operations.

  • Animal behavior, enrichment, stress reduction, safe humane handling.

  • Fundraising/development and community engagement.

  • Marketing, media relations and identity development/rebranding.

  • Board development and recruitment.

  • Program development including foster care, pet retention, and adoption.

  • Transition management and support during times of change or community concern.


We can not only analyze your team's development efforts and work with them to increase the organization's long-term financial stability, we can also create and execute specific campaigns such as year-end giving when your organization is at its most stretched – or you can simply outsource the time-consuming and often stressful task of development to us.

Strategic Planning

Customized services that assist boards and staff leadership in making strategic decisions that help ensure future sustainability and success. Onsite planning sessions are developed and facilitated to meet your needs and ensure your organization is aligned and focused on your mission and goals.

Executive Search / Recruitment

Identification and screening of candidates, plus managing the hiring process of key executive talent, enabling humane organizations and animal services agencies to bring the right leadership on board.


Staff Training & Presentations

Customized training sessions help your community or team achieve positive results. Topics include:

  • Customer service

  • Development/fundraising and marketing

  • Animal behavior: Safe, humane animal handling, stress reduction, enrichment, and behavior modification

  • Board development

  • Program development and shelter operations (adoption, foster care, spay/neuter, pet retention, managed admissions, TNR, community partnerships, etc.)

  • Management and leadership



A personalized on-site assessment of an organization and/or community provides practical recommendations and guidance for dramatically improving performance and increasing lifesaving.

Meeting Facilitation & Team Building

Developing an effective team and creating staff alignment enhances your success. Meeting facilitation and team-building sessions are designed to meet your needs. 


Professional coaching helps leaders overcome challenges and identify opportunities for success.   

Project Management & Interim Management

Project Management and Interim Management: Hands-on project management for program development, fundraising, and operational improvements are available from skilled professionals that help you kick start or rejuvenate programs. Interim management services are available for organizations in need of interim leadership.


Specialized research and analysis to help inform and enhance decision-making and future planning for staff leadership and boards ensures success and sustainability.

Proofreading and editing

We can make sure important documents such as donor appeals and annual reports are free of typos and grammatical errors. We can also check them for language and structure to make sure you're telling your stories clearly and effectively.

Tools & Templates

Practical tools, templates, and sample documents help you save time and ramp up your programs and events quickly and efficiently.

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